Let's see how to prompt ChatGPT, Gemini, Bing Chat or Claude to boost your creative writing and fiction writing.
Free Top AI Prompts for Creative Writing and Fiction Writing
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Free Top AI Prompts for Creative Writing and Fiction Writing


Let's see how to prompt ChatGPT, Gemini, Bing Chat or Claude to boost your creative writing and fiction writing.


Good Practices:

  1. Set the context.
    1. When you want AI to help you, please mention that it should think in a way that you want it to think. For example, after your prompt, add something like, "Please consider yourself as an expert fiction writer while writing the plot." This will let the chatbot to think as you wish.
  2. Word Limit.
    1. If you prefer your text to be around some specific word count, then you can mention it as part of your prompt like, "In 500 words, please write...".
  3. Restrictions.
    1. You can also specify restrictions like, "It should be a family friendly scene."

The more detail you share with the chatbot, the more tailor made creative content you will receive.


Top AI Prompts for Creative Writing and Fiction Writing:

1. Create an Entire Plot for You

Write the plot for a romantic comedy short story with a hero named Martin who must travel to his grandparents village in a far away country, that he has never visited before. Please consider yourself as an expert fiction writer while writing the plot.

Here's what chatgpt created for me:

Title: "Love Across Latitudes"

Plot Summary:

Martin, a charming yet somewhat reserved software developer, finds himself at a crossroads in life. After a string of unsuccessful relationships and feeling disconnected from his roots, he receives an unexpected letter. His grandparents, whom he's never met, invite him to visit their quaint village in a picturesque, far-away country for their 60th wedding anniversary. Despite his initial hesitation and the comedic objections of his quirky best friend, Alex, Martin decides to embark on this journey, hoping to find a sense of belonging and maybe even love.

Upon arrival, Martin is struck by the village's breathtaking beauty and the warmth of the community. He's introduced to Elena, the vibrant and free-spirited granddaughter of the village baker. Tasked with showing Martin around, Elena and Martin's initial encounters are filled with playful banter and a series of humorous cultural misunderstandings, much to the amusement of the villagers and the gentle chiding of his grandparents.

As Martin helps his grandparents prepare for their anniversary celebration, he discovers old love letters and stories of their youthful adventures, inspiring him to open his heart to new experiences. Meanwhile, Elena, who dreams of exploring the world beyond the village, finds in Martin a connection to the places she longs to see.

Their growing attraction leads to sweet, awkward moments and comedic mishaps, including a disastrous attempt at traditional dancing and an accidental fall into the village fountain. Despite these blunders, or perhaps because of them, Martin and Elena's affection for each other deepens.

The anniversary celebration arrives, and the village gathers for a night of festivity. Encouraged by his grandparents' enduring love story, Martin musters the courage to express his feelings for Elena under a starlit sky, but not before accidentally tripping over the DJ's equipment, turning his confession into a public spectacle that ends with uproarious laughter from the crowd.

In the aftermath of the celebration, Martin is faced with a dilemma. His life and job await him back home, but he's fallen in love with Elena and the village. In a heartfelt conversation, Elena reveals her own fears of leaving her home and the bakery she's destined to inherit. Together, they devise a plan that allows them to explore the world while keeping the village as their home base, launching a travel blog that combines their talents and passions.


"Love Across Latitudes" ends with Martin and Elena embarking on their first adventure together, leaving the village amid cheerful farewells and promises of return. Martin realizes that his journey to find belonging led him to discover not just his roots but also the love and direction he'd been seeking. The story closes with a humorous scene at the airport, where Martin and Elena navigate the complexities of travel with the same humor and love that brought them together, promising a future filled with laughter, love, and endless adventures.

Awesome, isn't it!!!


2. Outline a Scene for You

Write a short opening scene for Martin in airport when he is all set to fly to his grandparents origin country.
Please consider yourself as an expert writer while writing the scene.

And here's what I got:


Martin stands in the bustling airport terminal, dwarfed by the throngs of travelers rushing past him. He clutches his boarding pass tightly, a mix of excitement and nervousness playing across his face. His luggage, adorned with a brightly colored tag, rests by his feet, a silent testament to the journey ahead.

MARTIN (V.O.) Here I am, embarking on a journey to a place that's a part of me, yet feels like a world away.

Martin's gaze wanders to the departure board, where flights to exotic destinations blink back at him. He finds his flight, its destination name written in elegant letters, almost calling out to him.

MARTIN (V.O.) (CONT'D) I've spent years coding away behind screens, crafting worlds within worlds. But now, it's time to explore the world my grandparents once called home.

Suddenly, his phone buzzes. It's a message from Alex, his best friend.

ALEX (TEXT MESSAGE) Don't forget to bring me back something weird. And try not to fall in love with a local and never return!

Martin chuckles, typing back a quick reply before slipping the phone back into his pocket. He takes a deep breath, picks up his luggage, and starts walking towards the security checkpoint, a determined step in his stride.

MARTIN (V.O.) (CONT'D) Who knows what stories await me? All I know is, I'm ready to find them.

As Martin disappears into the crowd, the camera pans up to the vast, glass windows of the terminal, where planes are seen taking off into the clear blue sky, symbolizing the beginning of Martin's grand adventure.






3. Make Up a Character

Suggest another character who turns out to be on the grandparents village and whose presence and personality causes conflict with Martin.
Please consider yourself as an expert writer while writing the scene.

And this time I got,

Character Introduction: Victor

Backstory: Victor is a charismatic yet cunning local entrepreneur in the grandparents' village. He grew up alongside Elena, sharing a complicated past that intertwines friendship with rivalry. Victor has always been the golden boy of the village, known for his charm and wit, but beneath his polished exterior lies a competitive spirit and a penchant for manipulation. He has returned to the village with plans to modernize it, aiming to turn it into a tourist hotspot, disregarding the traditions and wishes of the long-standing residents.

Scene Introduction:


Martin is exploring the village square, camera in hand, capturing the rustic beauty of the cobblestone paths and ancient architecture. The laughter of children playing and the chatter of locals fill the air, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Suddenly, the crowd parts for Victor, who strides into the square with an air of confidence. His presence commands attention, and he greets the villagers with a practiced charm that seems to win over everyone—everyone except Martin, who watches from a distance, sensing an underlying tension.

Victor spots Martin and approaches him with a wide, calculated smile.

VICTOR (Extending his hand) You must be Martin, the long-lost grandson! I've heard so much about you. Welcome to our little paradise.

Martin, taken aback by Victor's forwardness, hesitantly shakes his hand, noting the firm grip.

MARTIN (Reserved) Thank you, I'm just trying to get to know the place my grandparents call home.

VICTOR (With a hint of competitiveness) Oh, you'll find there's much to love here. And perhaps much to change for the better, don't you think?

The subtle implication of change does not sit well with Martin, who values the preservation of tradition and culture. Elena, who has been observing from a distance, approaches, sensing the brewing tension.

ELENA (Interjecting with a friendly tone) Victor here has big plans for the village. But let's not forget, it's the small things that make this place special.

Victor's smile falters slightly at Elena's words, revealing a brief flash of rivalry between them. Martin picks up on the dynamic, his wariness of Victor growing.

VICTOR (Recovering his composure) Of course, Elena. Balance is key. Martin, I hope you'll see the potential here as I do.

As Victor excuses himself, leaving Martin and Elena alone, Martin turns to her with a questioning look.

MARTIN (Concerned) What's his story?

Elena sighs, a mixture of fondness and frustration in her eyes.

ELENA Victor means well, but his vision for the future sometimes clouds his respect for the past. Just... be careful around him.

Martin nods, a newfound resolve settling in. He came to the village to connect with his roots, not watch them be uprooted. The stage is set for a conflict of ideals, with the village's future hanging in the balance.



4. Draft Dialogues

Write a 500 word brief conversation between Martin and Elena as they try to know more about each other.
Please consider yourself as an expert fiction writer while writing the scene.

Here's the response:


Martin and Elena walk side by side along a narrow cobblestone path that winds through the village, bordered by fields of wildflowers. The sun begins to dip below the horizon, casting a warm golden light over the scene.

MARTIN (Smiling, curious) So, Elena, you've lived here all your life?

ELENA (With pride) Yes, every single day. And I wouldn't have it any other way. The village might seem small to an outsider, but it's filled with stories and secrets.

Martin looks around, taking in the beauty of the place with newfound appreciation.

MARTIN I can see that. It’s beautiful here. And what about you? Any dreams of exploring beyond these fields?

Elena pauses, looking off into the distance before turning back to Martin with a thoughtful expression.

ELENA I'd be lying if I said no. I dream of seeing the world, experiencing other cultures... but this place, it has a hold on me. It's home.

MARTIN (Nods understandingly) I get that. I’ve always lived in the city, moving from one apartment to another. Never really had a place that felt like home.

ELENA (Surprised) Really? But isn’t there a charm to that too? Always exploring, never tied down?

MARTIN Maybe. But sometimes, you just want a place that knows you, you know? A place that holds your history.

They reach a small bridge over a gently flowing stream, the water reflecting the last rays of the sun. They stop to lean on the railing, looking down at the water below.

ELENA (Softly) What brought you here, Martin? To find that place?

MARTIN My grandparents. I realized I knew nothing about where I came from. And maybe, just maybe, I thought I’d find a piece of myself here.

ELENA (Looking at him) And have you?

Martin turns to meet her gaze, a small smile forming on his lips.

MARTIN I think I’m starting to. Thanks to a certain local guide.

Elena laughs, a genuine, hearty sound that seems to echo off the surrounding hills.

ELENA Well, Mr. City Boy, consider me at your service. But be warned, I might just convince you to stay.

MARTIN (Playfully) Oh, is that so? Challenge accepted.

Their laughter fades into comfortable silence as they continue to watch the stream, side by side. In this moment, amidst the tranquility of the village, Martin and Elena find a connection, an unspoken bond forming between them as they share dreams, fears, and the quiet contentment of newfound friendship.




5. Rewrites

Rewrite the character Alex as a shy, reclusive woman named Alexa who suffers from very rare illness. Give her a nickname.
Please consider yourself as an expert fiction writer while writing the scene.

And chatgpt did exactly that:

Character Introduction: Alexa "Lex"

Backstory: Alexa, affectionately known as "Lex" by those few who have managed to pierce her reclusive shell, is a brilliant but shy woman battling a rare, debilitating illness that has colored much of her life experiences. Her condition, though not visible on the surface, requires her to navigate the world with caution, often confining her to the safety of her home. Despite her challenges, Lex has cultivated a rich inner world, filled with books, art, and the wonders of the internet, which she uses to explore the world vicariously. Martin, her childhood friend, is one of the few people she feels truly comfortable with, sharing a bond that transcends the usual constraints of friendship.

Scene Introduction:


The room is bathed in soft, natural light, filtering through sheer curtains. Bookshelves line the walls, a testament to Lex's voracious appetite for knowledge. Amidst this sanctuary, Lex sits at a vintage writing desk, her figure shrouded in an oversized sweater, typing away at her laptop.

The sound of a message notification breaks the silence. She glances at her phone, a smile touching her lips as she sees Martin's name on the screen.

MARTIN (TEXT MESSAGE) Just landed. Wish you were here, Lex. You'd love the views.

LEX (TEXT MESSAGE) Send pictures! And remember, no falling in love until you've at least tried the local cuisine.

Her attempt at humor masks a tinge of melancholy; she'd love nothing more than to be by Martin's side, exploring and making memories. But Lex has long accepted her limitations, finding joy in Martin's adventures and the stories he brings back to her.

Suddenly, a soft knock at the door stirs her from her reverie. She hesitates, not expecting anyone. With a cautious curiosity, Lex approaches and opens the door to reveal a delivery person holding a bouquet of vibrant flowers.

DELIVERY PERSON For Alexa. From Martin.

Surprised and touched, Lex accepts the flowers, a card attached reading:

MARTIN (CARD MESSAGE) "To Lex, the bravest explorer I know. Here's a piece of the world for you. - Martin"

Tears well up in Lex's eyes as she clutches the card. In this moment, despite the physical distance and her personal battles, she feels deeply connected to Martin and the world beyond her four walls.

LEX (V.O.) (Softly, with resolve) Someday, I'll see it all. Until then, I've got the best view through your eyes, Martin.

As Lex places the flowers by her window, the camera pans out, showing her silhouette against the backdrop of a world she yearns to explore, symbolizing hope, friendship, and the indomitable human spirit.



You can also try,

   - Rewrite that scene in the past tense.

   - Rewrite that scene in the first person, as told by Elena

   - Rewrite that scene at the young adult level

   - Rewrite that scene in the third person using the style of Emilie Loring.


6. Edit, and Critique

   - Read this story and tell me your opinion acting as a frequent romantic fiction reader. 

   - Read this story and identify any spelling errors or language issues.

   - How could I make the theme clearer to the reader?


7. Poem

Write a limerick explaining why chocolate tastes better than candy

Here's what Chatgpt wrote,

In a village where sweets are quite dandy, 
Lies a truth that is neat and quite handy.
Though candy is sweet,
Chocolate's a treat,
Its rich, creamy taste just more grandy!

   - Write a non-rhyming haiku celebrating the Leap day.
   - Write a Spenserian sonnet celebrating the Leap day.

We hope these prompts will help you to be more creative and enjoy your creative writing.


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